For the record, “How do you arrange a room around a baby grand piano?” is a lyric from the song “Wicker Whatnots” off the album Widow City by that band The Fiery Furnaces I was talking about two posts down.

It seems that many people on the internet are actually quite curious about arranging rooms, so I’m sorry that this blog has been of absolutely no use in that matter. Some thoughts on how to arrange a room:

Create a focal point, and “aim” all other furniture in the direction of that point. For example, angle all of the chairs in your leisure suite towards your baby grand piano. Other obvious focal points include big TVs, big beds, and big tables. Usually your focal point will be of some indication of the primary function of the room.

Now, I’m no interior design expert, so please take this advice with a grain of salt, but I think that’s as good advice as any.

Also, a suggestion from our friends The Fiery Furnaces, “Here’s one for your party room: an emergency cigarette behind glass.”

Did you know that Rolling Stone gave Kid Rock’s new record four stars, while Widow City received only two and a half? Also included was this recommendation: “Find some time (and drugs) to decode this duo’s  heady art rock”. Thanks for the advice RS, but I think I’ll save those drugs for Kid Rock. I imagine I’d need to be nearly unconscious to find any merit in that CD.

Seriously, Kid Rock?


More Metroid


It seems like some people are actually seeing this blog – it appears that I’ve had about five visitors! One poor soul came by looking for some tips on “how to beat Metroid”.

As you may recall, my very first blog post was a declaration of my own frustration with the seemingly impossible NES game, and how I construed this as an apt metaphor for the challenges of my own life.

I am pleased to announce that I have indeed beaten Metroid since then. But I did cheat a little by looking at a map on Game FAQS do figure out where the fudge I was supposed to go. So for the young chap searching for answers on this blog site, my advice to you is go to, type in the word “Metroid” in the search box, and select the game Metroid from the list of results. And you’re welcome.

Now for some fun Metroid related links:

Metroid Cubed

In some ways a lot less enjoyable than the original, but still cool, you know in like the geek sense of the word.

Metroid Metal

Metroid songs played in the style of metal. And speaking of Metroid song covers…

THIS is really flippin’ dope. A sort of jazz piano interpretation of a few of the game’s themes, but played with the precision and musical depth of someone so incredibly good its almost hard to believe he spends his time recording video game music.

I’m not done talking about Metroid, but that’s it for now.

Widow City


Today marks the release of the new Fiery Furnace’s record Widow City.

Widow City

This band is quickly making its way up the list of my favorites as each album they release seems to give me more reason to think that they’re the best thing to happen to music in a long time, even though no one seems to really care about them. The reason for the FF’s lack of popularity is fairly obvious: most people would describe their music as being very “difficult”.  And it’s true that most FF records don’t exactly hit you the first time you listen to them, but I’ve certainly grown to enjoy and praise every album of theirs that I have.

The sibling duo, Matthew and Eleanor Freidberger, seem to play off each other rather well. The brother writes most of the songs and plays most of the instruments on the records while the sister just sings and looks pretty. Part of Eleanor’s appeal, at least to me, is that she sort of approaches her performance of these songs with loyal earnestness, probably not with any better understanding of the Furnaces’ tongue twister lyrics than we have. Meanwhile, Matthew comes across as some kind of musical mad scientist, hell bent on experimenting with little regard to his audience’s taste.

In fact, Mr. Freidberger’s unique stance on the process of songwriting has really influenced the way I think about writing my own songs. This interview in particular has inspired me numerous times over.

I’m not done talking about The Fiery Furnaces, but that’s it for now.

News Break


Danny DeVito = Daniel Michaeli

 Danny DeVito is a stage name. He is a disgrace to all DiVito’s (and DeVito’s) in the world.

D. Vito

The end.

Some thoughts on procrastination:

Seems like “Do It NOW” is the general consensus amongst top Google search results for “how to beat procrastination”. Apparently, the game Poco 2 Escape 2 is something that people are also very interested in learning how to beat.

In an attempt to do it now, I washed dishes, cleaned house, and changed my acoustic guitar strings.

“Procrastination can drive most of us into a spiral of shame that’s as mundane as it is painfully personal.”

Doesn’t that seem a bit dramatic? Although, today’s efforts to not procrastinate may prove to be an indication that I believe it’s true.

For the record, I’m using .012 D’Addario Phospher Bronze Strings on a Taylor Big Baby Acoustic. I don’t know if it’s a good combination yet, as the guitar was seemingly set up for lighter strings.

Big Baby

l8 @ 9


The story of ‘late at nine’:

When I was a wee lad, my father set up our family’s AOL accounts with names that were very similar to the ones we actually had. When I expressed some interest in using some of the chat rooms present in the AOL client (before I even knew about the internet), my parents were concerned that my screen name provided to much information for pedophiles. So, based on my current but passing interest at the time, I had my dad change my screen name to JudgeD5667, after the comic book hero Judge Dredd. It was at about this time that a pretty mediocre Judge Dredd movie starring Sylvester Stallone was released. As a child I thought it was very cool.

Judge D

I stuck with that name for many years, but when we finally got a cable modem, and AOL was no longer a necessary gateway to the internet, the AOL IM client seemed less than useful. SO I had to come up with a screen name for AIM. Not wanting to evoke the law any more, I was reminded of what a presume to be a band name a friend of mine had once mentioned. While I’m not sure if there ever was a band called Late At Nine, for some reason it always seemed like a pretty great name to me. No, there isn’t any deep meaning behind the phrase late at nine. In fact, I’ve yet to actually be late at 9:00, but maybe I just haven’t been paying attention.

About Me


Things I do:

Illustration, Flash Animation/Games, Music

Things I like:

8 bit music, pixel art, key changes, movies made in the 70’s, and (I suppose) a few other things.

These topics are most likely to dominate the contents of this blog, which I hope will serve as a sort of personal reflection on art and ideas that have influenced my way of thinking, and in turn helped me create art or ideas which I hope may someday have the same kind of meaning. An example of something I was working on this summer:

a demo of a zelda style game

The truth is, I have many ideas like this but recently I’ve been having trouble following through with any of them. I am what you might call a chronic procrastinator, hence the name of this blog.

Alright, this is introduction enough, as further blogging will surely expand on these ideas and reveal many more mysteries to ponder.