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Ahhh, well I haven’t updated this blog in a while. It’s interesting to see how many people come to this site searching for something that isn’t really here. I guess that’s how life goes sometimes. So, here’s some stuff I’m into right now. This is like…addicting. I don’t use twitter, but something about this […]

More Metroid


It seems like some people are actually seeing this blog – it appears that I’ve had about five visitors! One poor soul came by looking for some tips on “how to beat Metroid”. As you may recall, my very first blog post was a declaration of my own frustration with the seemingly impossible NES game, […]



Why is Metroid so hard? I remember playing this game as a young child and dying almost immediately every time. 20 years later and I think I’m only just starting to “get” this game.  I just don’t understand how anyone in the year 1987 could figure out how to beat this game without cheating . After all, […]