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That’s right folks, this unadvertised, unupdated blog has been viewed 1,000 times. And while that number is not particularly large considering the scope and userbase of the internet, I am somewhat impressed that even a single person has seen this page. Even more impressive, it seems that people may have even found some useful information […]

Ahhh, well I haven’t updated this blog in a while. It’s interesting to see how many people come to this site searching for something that isn’t really here. I guess that’s how life goes sometimes. So, here’s some stuff I’m into right now. This is like…addicting. I don’t use twitter, but something about this […]

News Break


Danny DeVito = Daniel Michaeli ┬áDanny DeVito is a stage name. He is a disgrace to all DiVito’s (and DeVito’s) in the world. The end.

Some thoughts on procrastination: Seems like “Do It NOW” is the general consensus amongst top Google search results for “how to beat procrastination”. Apparently, the game Poco 2 Escape 2 is something that people are also very interested in learning how to beat. In an attempt to do it now, I washed dishes, cleaned […]

l8 @ 9


The story of ‘late at nine’: When I was a wee lad, my father set up our family’s AOL accounts with names that were very similar to the ones we actually had. When I expressed some interest in using some of the chat rooms present in the AOL client (before I even knew about the […]