Five Scary Movies to Watch


It’s quite unfortunate that the vast majority of people who have stumbled upon this blog have done so for all of the wrong reasons. Since my unrelated blog entry titles seem to be the culprit behind this phenomenon, I will attempt to make the subject of the blog post painfully clear in the title (see above). At least sometimes. And yes, vodka and pineapple juice is a delicious combination. I’m not sure what additional information you people are looking for.

So the subject of today’s blog post is “Five Scary Movies to Watch,” a list which I have constructed based on my own opinion on the matter, as someone who has watched at least six horror movies, I can safetly say this is the most accurate list of movies to watch ever compiled.

1. The Shining

I just purchased a two disc DVD of this movie with a documentary on the making of. Should be interesting. Did you know Stanley Kubrick didn’t make another film until seven years after this one came out? Did you see that pointless made for TV remake that came out a few years back? I think the original is a little better.

2. Alien

You know what movie I don’t like? Aliens. Why? Because that movie didn’t get what was so great about the original. The alien was only scary because you almost didn’t see it at all, and when you did see it, it looked real as fudge. Aliens was a dumb action movie, not a horror movie.

Alien 3 was better. The prison setting was more conducive to a horrific atmosphere, and the soundtrack to that one was dope.

Alien Resurrection was not better. But that movie kind of freaked me out when I was a youngin’. In fact, I seem to recall that movie being one of the first R rated movies I saw in theatres.

3. The Thing

One thing I despise about many modern-day horror movies is their reliance on CG to create the monsters. Only problem with that is, CG is not scary. Mainly, I believe this to be true because CG organisms never tend to look like they occupy the same space as the film they have been composited on. While the monsters don’t appear to be necessarily “real” in this movie, they are certainly more tangible in that they appear to be constructions of the physical world, and thus capable of interacting with the actors and sets in a very tactile way. And that is why most modern horror movies don’t even compare to The Thing.

4. The Grudge

Speaking of modern-day horror movies, this one really scared the doodle pop outta me when I saw it in theatres a few years back. In fact, this is the last movie I have seen that truly scaredme. But, I will admit, not everyone seems to have had the same reaction, as I had quite an argument with a friend of mine who found this movie to be decidedly un-scary, so much so that he walked out. So is this a good movie? I’d like to watch it again to confirm that my initial enjoyment of this movie was valid, but the last time I tried I had to turn the movie off because I was alone and it was dark and I thought I was going to die. If you didn’t find this movie scary, try watching it without a group of friends to laugh at it with, and see if it doesn’t give you some chills.

5. The Nightmare Before Christmas

So good, it’s scary.


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