Sufjan Stevens Is Not There


So, when I’m not listening to The Fiery Furnaces, and if I am in need of a good spiritual cleansing, I tend to put on some Sufjan Stevens. That album about Illinois he released a few years ago still gives me warm gooey feelings inside. In fact, the first song on that record, “Concerning a UFO blah blah blah…” has the highest playcount of any song in my Winamp. Yes, that’s right I use Winamp.

Mr. Stevens hasn’t been releasing music as regularly as he used to, which is a shame because judging by the few songs that have popped up in the last year or so, his musical mind seems to have evolved to an even higher echelon of genius than that displayed on Illinois. Take this epic little tune about butterflies or something:

But this next one is really blowing my mind. It’s off the soundtrack for that Bob Dylan movie I’m Not There featuring a bunch of dudes (and a chick) portraying Bob Dylan. Who is Bob Dylan? I have no idea, but this cover of the song “Ring My Bell,” which I believe is actually a White Stripes song, is really fudgin’ crazy good.

I’d like to think of Sufjan Stevens as the Bob Dylan of our generation. Or maybe more like the Brian Wilson. I dunno. At least as one of those dudes from the 60’s.

Am I right, dudes?


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