Vanilla Vodka w/ Pineapple Juice


For the record, “How do you arrange a room around a baby grand piano?” is a lyric from the song “Wicker Whatnots” off the album Widow City by that band The Fiery Furnaces I was talking about two posts down.

It seems that many people on the internet are actually quite curious about arranging rooms, so I’m sorry that this blog has been of absolutely no use in that matter. Some thoughts on how to arrange a room:

Create a focal point, and “aim” all other furniture in the direction of that point. For example, angle all of the chairs in your leisure suite towards your baby grand piano. Other obvious focal points include big TVs, big beds, and big tables. Usually your focal point will be of some indication of the primary function of the room.

Now, I’m no interior design expert, so please take this advice with a grain of salt, but I think that’s as good advice as any.

Also, a suggestion from our friends The Fiery Furnaces, “Here’s one for your party room: an emergency cigarette behind glass.”

Did you know that Rolling Stone gave Kid Rock’s new record four stars, while Widow City received only two and a half? Also included was this recommendation: “Find some time (and drugs) to decode this duo’s  heady art rock”. Thanks for the advice RS, but I think I’ll save those drugs for Kid Rock. I imagine I’d need to be nearly unconscious to find any merit in that CD.

Seriously, Kid Rock?


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  1. rock forward.

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