Widow City


Today marks the release of the new Fiery Furnace’s record Widow City.

Widow City

This band is quickly making its way up the list of my favorites as each album they release seems to give me more reason to think that they’re the best thing to happen to music in a long time, even though no one seems to really care about them. The reason for the FF’s lack of popularity is fairly obvious: most people would describe their music as being very “difficult”.  And it’s true that most FF records don’t exactly hit you the first time you listen to them, but I’ve certainly grown to enjoy and praise every album of theirs that I have.

The sibling duo, Matthew and Eleanor Freidberger, seem to play off each other rather well. The brother writes most of the songs and plays most of the instruments on the records while the sister just sings and looks pretty. Part of Eleanor’s appeal, at least to me, is that she sort of approaches her performance of these songs with loyal earnestness, probably not with any better understanding of the Furnaces’ tongue twister lyrics than we have. Meanwhile, Matthew comes across as some kind of musical mad scientist, hell bent on experimenting with little regard to his audience’s taste.

In fact, Mr. Freidberger’s unique stance on the process of songwriting has really influenced the way I think about writing my own songs. This interview in particular has inspired me numerous times over.

I’m not done talking about The Fiery Furnaces, but that’s it for now.


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