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Or the BQE, whatever that is. If you missed Sufjan Steven’s recent appearance on WNYC, New York’s public radio station, I wouldn’t be surprised. After all, I missed it too, but being a loyal disciple of Sufjan, I was able to find the broadcast available in streaming format for all to hear: If you […]

It’s quite unfortunate that the vast majority of people who have stumbled upon this blog have done so for all of the wrong reasons. Since my unrelated blog entry titles seem to be the culprit behind this phenomenon, I will attempt to make the subject of the blog post painfully clear in the title (see […]

So, when I’m not listening to The Fiery Furnaces, and if I am in need of a good spiritual cleansing, I tend to put on some Sufjan Stevens. That album about Illinois he released a few years ago still gives me warm gooey feelings inside. In fact, the first song on that record, “Concerning a […]

For the record, “How do you arrange a room around a baby grand piano?” is a lyric from the song “Wicker Whatnots” off the album Widow City by that band The Fiery Furnaces I was talking about two posts down. It seems that many people on the internet are actually quite curious about arranging rooms, so […]

More Metroid


It seems like some people are actually seeing this blog – it appears that I’ve had about five visitors! One poor soul came by looking for some tips on “how to beat Metroid”. As you may recall, my very first blog post was a declaration of my own frustration with the seemingly impossible NES game, […]

Widow City


Today marks the release of the new Fiery Furnace’s record Widow City. This band is quickly making its way up the list of my favorites as each album they release seems to give me more reason to think that they’re the best thing to happen to music in a long time, even though no one seems […]

News Break


Danny DeVito = Daniel Michaeli  Danny DeVito is a stage name. He is a disgrace to all DiVito’s (and DeVito’s) in the world. The end.